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About Sasha Jane.


Sasha Jane is a Bristol based label that handcrafts luxury lingerie and loungewear using british fabrics wherever possible!

From the lingerie down to the loungewear, every garment has been hand crafted to the highest standard, with soft luxurious jerseys, fine lace, all finished with superior finishes/ with a superior touch.


With a huge, and at times distracting, addiction to lingerie and loungewear “Sasha Jane” Leighton decided that it was now or never if she wanted to set up her own label. So after graduating with a BA Hons in Fashion and Textiles she set to designing her very first collection, and it was from there that this website full of lovelies came about!


One of the most important things to this label is that its garments fit you, give you that comfort but yet still look beautiful.

Coming from a fellow addict, we know how essential having good quality lingerie and loungewear is to good body image.

That is why Sasha decided to create Sasha Jane; because she wants everyone to have that sense of ease with themselves, (even if you are just curled up on the sofa in front of the TV with no makeup on!!)